Thursday, 1 October 2015

A day at Avalon with Aprana
Avalon Beach Pole and Bougainvillea overlooking Pittwater 
Avalon Beach and lunch at 'The Avalon'
A sea of daisies by the sea

Taylor's Wharf at Clareville and Avalon Rock Pool
Clareville dinghies and posts along Avalon Beach car park
Along Avalon Pde and in the rock pool
Blue Bottles and a blue bathing cap
Avalon Rock Pool


  1. I lovely collection Max! I see you got the yacht… and it looks just perfectly placed. Love the row of bottles and the way the pink image at the beginning breaks up all the blue. The cheeky toes paired up with Barefoot Boulevard is a winner! :)

    1. Beautiful photos Maxine! Nice angles. What camera are you using?

  2. Beautiful photos - a gorgeous part of Sydney that you have perfectly captured.